It’s possible for life to be good even when everything around you feels bad

Your experiences – your stories of trauma, sexual abuse, shame, abandonment, betrayal, powerlessness – these are the stories that silently hold you hostage from being who you were created to be.

Your story matters. It lives in your body. It has shaped who you have become.


Understanding the fullness and beauty of your story allows you the freedom to love bigger, expand into your greatness and have a positive impact in the lives of others.

Permission to…

  • no longer numb yourself from the world.
  • no longer hide from what happened to you.
  • no longer suffer, trapped in your own emptiness.

Freedom, goodness and experiencing life to its fullest is available to you.

i can show you the way

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Are you ready?

  • Live freely & fiercely
  • Live authentically
  • Live joyfully
  • Love yourself
  • Gain a better sense of Self
  • Gain confidence
  • Live with purpose
  • Experience a sense inner peace
  • Live unapologetically


to be here,
to have a seat at the table,
to dance in the party of life.

Client Success Stories

Hi. I'm Kim.

As someone who has experienced profound trauma and abuse in life I, like you, have been and continue to be on the journey toward healing.

I’m no stranger to pain and shame.

I’ve suffered through the dark night of the soul.

I understand what it takes to step back into the past and navigate the dark stories from where our wounded parts stem.

It wasn’t until I discovered storywork/ narrative therapy that I began to experience true healing and transformation. I was guided toward attunement in ways I had never known or understood. When I allowed others to walk with me through the darkness, I was finally able to find my way to the other side.

The truth is, we are not meant to live in the isolation of our own suffering. We need each other.

When we can allow others to bear witness, to experience, to see our wounds and gently tend to them, that is when the truth is revealed and healing can occur.

I’ve done the work. I’ll always be doing the work. I know what it takes. And from this place, I can guide you to find your way back home to you.


There’s magic in your story.

Let me help you find it.

here’s what you can expect

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Together, let’s explore the
stories of your past so we can
change the future.

be free

Experience true
transformation and healing
so you can live a full and purposeful life.

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