I’m Kim.

I believe the brokenness, injustice and harm in the world is immeasurable and it is no wonder we spend much of our lives numbing, avoiding or dismissing.

As a child, I grew up in a home of secrets and silence. Then, later in life, I married a pastor where appearances and silence continued to be valued. The lessons throughout my life taught me to operate in a way where I strived to gain the approval of others and never cause disruption. This began and perpetuated the many harmful patterns of survival that hurt myself, my body, and my family.

It’s because of my story that I cannot walk away from the profound need to make a positive impact in the healing of others. I feel a deep call to fight on behalf of those who continue to be taken advantage of, those who do not think they have a voice, and those who think their story does not matter.

I show up the way I do in this work because of my own story of shame and abuse.

As a way of protecting myself, I spent my entire life “in training” to read the facial expressions, body language and energy of others. And while I am no longer required to use that gift as a defense mechanism, I am able to use it to help guide my clients toward healing and transformation.

I have a unique ability to see things that others cannot see; through pictures, metaphors, nature and movement.

If we are to heal and experience true transformation and freedom, we need someone to help guide us in seeing the truth in our stories.

That is why I am here. That is what I do. That is what I was made for.

I lovedifferently.

I straddle two worlds.

As a pastor’s wife, I am well versed in theology and am safe for the person in the church.

BUT I am also a risk to those in the church because I do not dance to the same tune – some might describe me as edgy and
a little defiant.


Because I am ALSO safe for the person outside the church. I speak a language that is different than the average white, female, heterosexual, evangelical.

I see and experience life differently.

Straddling the line between these two spaces allows me a unique opportunity to make a greater impact in the lives of those both inside and outside of the church and bridge the gap of harm with love and compassion.


It is through the modality of storywork/ narrative therapy that I’ve watched people unbound from the ties that hold them back…stories of trauma, sexual trauma, shame, abandonment, betrayal, powerlessness…these are the stories that silently hold us back and keep us from experiencing true, lasting transformation.

You can expect to experience attunement in the present while honoring where you have been in the past. Within this sacred space, the truth of your story is revealed and healing is found. I would not be where I am today if I’d remained hidden in my suffering, fear, doubts, and shame.

Are you ready to find the truth in your own story?

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The Formal Details


MA in Mental Health Counseling, University of the Cumberlands

Narrative Focused Trauma Care Certification Program, The Allender Center

Trauma Narrative Group Training, The Art of Living Training Center

Soul Care Institute Certification at Potters Inn

In ministry for 25 years.

In my freetime you’ll find me…

…spending time with my family, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine, dining with loved ones, and (of course) enjoying my favorite pick-me-up: coffee!

I love to explore nature and go on great adventures wherever life takes me. When the sun is out, you will see me driving on country roads with the top down in my beloved jeep.

And in the precious moments I get to be alone with myself, my heart sings when I listen to my favorite music, read books, and move my body with dance.