True healing from trauma and harm are possible. Even for you.


My Therapeutic Approach Fosters

  • Transformation
  • Personal Growth
  • A Change in Relational Patterns
  • Self Awareness


Individual Therapy orStorywork Coaching

Each of us has unique stories that are connected to our past, our family of origins, and attachments with our primary caregivers. Whatever you are experiencing today can be seen and dismantled through the stories of your past.

This is such good news because it means there is hope.

In our one on one sessions you will lead the dance, I will follow. This is your time and I am here for you.

50 Minute Virtual Sessions

Virtual Story Group Therapy

Story Groups is a 10 Week Virtual Gathering

Group work can feel risky and scary.

But there is so much change that occurs in group work. We are meant to have real connection with others, yet many people have never experienced these types of safe and unconditional relationships.

Group sessions can help you understand yourself and your style of relating to others. It is a safe container that provides a depth of change that you may not experience any other way.

When we see our stories through the eyes of others, we witness our own truth and that is when the shift of our narrative can begin.

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Space is limited.

Image of Above All Else Retreat Center in Colorado

Weekends of Curiosity

Upcoming 2024 Dates

April 25 – 28, 2024

Above All Else Retreat Center – Divide, Colorado

What is it?

Weekends of Curiosity is a sacred, safe space that provides an opportunity to dive deep into your story with other individuals who also seek change. Taking time to separate from the noise of daily life to focus on and understand your own story is integral for change to occur.

There is great care and kindness offered to each individual who shows up for themselves and others in this safe container.

As we walk with others through the stories that have caused us harm, we can witness a truth that we are not able to see on our own. This truth begins to dismantle old narratives that continue to keep us stuck in old patterns that do not serve us.

Want to join me? Space is limited!

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Public Speaking & Teaching Opportunities

I am available to partner with organizations who would like me to share my expertise and knowledge on a variety of mental health and spiritual topics; ranging from motivational speaking, topical instruction, training, seminars, retreats, and presentations.

It would be an honor and privilege to share the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my life to help your school, business, organization or church with the expertise you seek.

If you are interested in connecting with me for a speaking engagement or teaching opportunity, please email me directly:

Examples of Public Speaking and Teaching Engagements:

  • – Church Harm
  • – Storywork/ Narrative Therapy
  • – Storywork for Marriages
  • – Storywork for Trauma
  • – Storywork for Sexual Abuse
  • – Why Lament?
  • – Redemptive Arc of our Lives
  • – Rhythms of Self-care in Ministry
  • – Care for your Ministry leaders
  • – Helping the church recover from crisis
  • – When the church hurts