Why Story Group Therapy Works

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In the heart of every person lies a unique story, a narrative woven from the threads of past childhood experiences, trauma and unhealed wounds. Yet, too often, we navigate the complexity of our stories in solitude, unaware of the profound transformation that unfolds when we share our stories in a supportive, kind and nurturing container

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Many people don’t understand the benefits of group work, but here’s why I think Story Group Therapy can be more transformative and healing than 1:1 Therapy –

Try to imagine we exist inside a balloon – ourselves and all of our stories – from this point of view the only perspective we have is from inside the balloon. Even if we can see outside of the balloon, our viewpoint is still always anchored from the inside.

However, when we open up and share our stories with others in a group setting, we introduce other perspectives, new ways of looking at it. This is the powerful part, the part where others within this safe space, can begin to offer a fuller and more coherent versions of our story to us.

It’s not that the internal perspective we’ve held on for so long is wrong, it’s just that we simply cannot perceive the full scope of our stories from the inside. By inviting outside perspectives, we expand our understanding and see our stories in a fuller, more nuanced light.


When we step into our stories within a safe group container, our stories begin to evolve and shift to a wider, more coherent truth. Because when there are others bearing witness to our story…we begin to be known and be seen at the same time.


And yes, this duality can feel scary, reflecting our desire for understanding against the fear of being truly seen. But the profound power of groups comes from the very fact that we are meant for relationships.

Group settings harness our fundamental need for connection, despite past relationship wounds cautioning us otherwise. Participating in a story group gives us the opportunity to reshape our narrative, moving beyond our past conditioning inviting us to experience a different outcome.

Personally, I’ve been in my own storygroup for about 3 years. And I just feel like there’s something really special about being with a group for a long time (I am not saying that you need to be in a group this long in order for it to be effective, I’m just sharing my own personal experience). They get to know your story so well, and they support you in ways nobody else can. They see you and understand you, and sometimes, they can even feel things for you when you’re having a hard time feeling them yourself.


Story groups, although risky, invite mutual care and provide a container for healing. They are a community where your story and all you hold has an impact on others stories and all they hold.


This is your invitation to step into a circle of kindness and care with myself and a small, intimate group of others.

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